Sunlight honest food, moonlight silver rice, starlight whole grain.

Gather the essence of nature from the upper reaches of Jhuoshuei River.
Connect the passion and emotion for rice with the three elements of heaven, earth and man.

The water source from Mount Hehuan and Yushan National Park,
Foothill Rice Fields in Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area.
Paddy fields are distributed in the alluvial fan plain of Jhuoshuei River.

Hundreds of farmers work together, Human and ecological balance,all good together.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tutored by Ph.D Shu-Mei Wang from National Taiwan University,
Eco-friendly farming, maintain ecological balance, sustainable agricultural development.

Taiwan rice’s biggest achievement-
Pure and delicious silver rice.
Excellent taste value.
This rice taste value is close to Japanese Koshihikari rice.


Tainung Sen Glutinous 26 ,Red Rice
Appearance is red,
New varieties were bred by the Chiayi Agricultural Experiment Branch Institute of the Council of Agriculture for about 18 years.
Rich in iron, dietary fiber, vitamins, etc.
From the perspective of Chinese medicine, for girls, this rice has a very good warming effect.

Tainung Sen Glutinous 24,Black Brown Rice
This rice variety is very unique and precious.
The aroma of taro is released during chewing.
Purple-black appearance.
Rich in anthocyanins such as cyanisin and peonidin, various minerals, and various dietary fibers such as vitamins A and E.

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